Everything starts from a question “Which 3D Printer should I buy?”

What if my high school cousin asks me to recommend a 3D printer with a very tight budget? I recommend him “Monoprice Select Mini”
What if my mid 40 aunt ask it to me? I recommend “Sindoh DP200”.
What if my super skillful tech DIY geek friend asks? My answer will be “Original Prusa i3 MK2S”

How could I recommend them 3D printers? Here is my story. I started to use 3D Printers since I was a college student. I started with a cheapest Chinese DIY 3D printer. I fell in love with it. I printed a lot of things with it. I faced a lot of issues and troubles. I had to find the solutions by myself. Research, Sending emails to the manufacturer, and asking famous reviewers. Anyway I found solutions. Time flies. I have 12 printers now. From $200 to $3600.

Anyway, three of my close 3D printer geeks were joined. We’d like to provide a simple, objective, and useful information about 3D Printers to the people. We hope our website can help you when you choose 3D printers.