Sindoh 3DWOX DP201 3D Printer Review

Sindoh 3DWOX DP201 3D Printer Review

Sindoh 3DWOX DP201 3D Printer Review




Sindoh DP201

Bend it. Peel it.

The Most Reliable Flexible Bed Ever

The Most Reliable Flexible Bed EverRemoving an object is not a task anymore with 3DWOX DP201’s patented flexible bed. It is a one seamless experience from the start to the point where it ends up in your hands. If you know how to peel off a banana, you will know how to peel off an object from the bed. Print. Bend. Peel. Piece of Cake.


  • Firm Placement with Magnets
  • Soft Material for Safety
  • Optimized for PLA Printing

Fully Automated Loading

At Sindoh, we believe 3D Printing should be easy. On many 3D Printers today, the process of changing filament is a difficult procedure which involves cutting, retrieving, and placing into small openings, all manually performed by the user. This makes the 3D Printing a difficult experience, so with 3DWOX, we keep it simple. Just insert the cartridge and you’re done.

Sindoh DP201

Remote Monitoring

3D Printing of intricate and large objects can be time consuming. At Sindoh, we believe in making the 3D Printing experience easy so we have integrated a camera and LED lighting into 3DWOX for remote monitoring of the printing process day or night. Simply install the 3DWOX mobile app on your phone or tablet to watch the print progress from the convenience of your living room.

Sindoh DP201
Sindoh DP201

Improvement in Bed Leveling

The bed leveling process has been simplified even further in 3DWOX DP201. The new Click Knob makes bed leveling on your DP201 more simple than DP200. Just turn the knob based on the number of clicks that the display shows. With ‘Clicks’, bed leveling has never been easier.

Compatible with SOLIDWORKS

 Apps for Kids – Dream it. Print it.

SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids inspires kids to turn their wildest creations into reality. With Print It and 3DWOX, kids can print anything they can imagine from toys to school projects and more!

 SOLIDWORKS 2016 or Above

For SOLIDWORKS CAD users, we are providing an add-in feature which the users can simply install and use to print directly through the 3DWOX without creating compatible g-code files. You can also monitor the printing process through the web and check the remaining amount of the filament. With Sindoh’s integrated software, your 3D Printing becomes a whole lot easier.

Sindoh DP201


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